1.He studied hard and cracked the exam.
2.Vedant came late to school because he missed his train.
3.There were many flowers and fruits.
In sentence one and two conjunctions join together two sentences.
In sentence three conjunction joins together two words only.

Conjunction is a word which merely joins together sentences and sometimes words.


दोन शब्द, दोन शब्द समूह किंवा दोन वाक्य जोडण्याची काम करणाऱ्या शब्दांना ( conjunction ) उभयान्वयी अव्यय म्हणतात

Let’s see some examples of conjunctions…

Come fast and take it.
He worked hard and got grand success.
Virat is a good batsman and Zaheer is a good bowler.
I like bread and butter
Janhavi and Vedant are siblings.
Stop laughing or I shall beat you.
She must weep or she will die.
You should come fast or you will be late.
This water is cold or hot.
Say, yes or no.
Mother went out because she was upset.
Ram was walking slowly because he was tired.
The teacher called my parents because I got poor marks.
Vedant closed the door because it was cold outside.
Mother was upset therefore she went out.
Ram was tired therefore he was walking slowly.
I got poor marks therefore the teacher called my parents.
It was cold outside therefore Vedant closed the door.
He is slow but he is sure.
I was annoyed still I kept quite.
I would come only that I am engaged.
He was alright only he was fatigued.
Run quickly else you will not overtake her.

Some conjunctions are used in pairs or in groups...

either – or
Either come here or leave it.

neither – nor
That is neither useful nor ornamental.

both – and
We both complete and finish it.

though – yet
Though he is suffering much pain yet he does not complain.

whether – or
I do not care whether you finish or not.

not only – but also
She not only love but also care him.

as well as
Vedant as well as Janhavi got good marks.

so that
Vedant studied hard so that he cracked the NEET exam.

even if
Such an act would not be kind even if it were just.

as soon as
Janhavi to cough her shoes as soon as she enter the living room.

as if
Vedant looks as if he was weary.
Some Idiomatic Pairs using and / or …

Sun and shower
Work and play
More and less
Day and night
now and then
here and there
breed and butter
up and down
high and low
read and write
left and right
life and death
North and South
East and West
back and forth
give and take
trial and error
on and off
in and out
black and white
lost and found
do or die
make or break
more or less