Using will have been – Future Perfect Continuous Tense / will have been चा वापर – पूर्ण अपूर्ण भविष्य काळ

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Using will have been –  / will have been चा वापर – पूर्ण अपूर्ण भविष्य काळ

In this article we’re going to know how to use will have been as a helping verb (auxiliary) with the help of some sentences.

Will have been is used to show that an action will continue for some time in the future.
This is called Future Perfect Continuous.

     या सदरामध्ये आपण will have been चा वापर सहाय्यकारी क्रियाप म्हणून कसा करावा याविषयी माहिती घेणार आहोत.

क्रिया भविष्य काळात  नित्य नियमित घडून, ती पुढे काही काळ चालू राहणार हे  दाखवण्यासाठी will have been चा वापर करावा लागतो.

यालाच पूर्ण अपूर्ण भविष्य काळ (Future Perfect Continuous) असे म्हणतात .

Future Perfect Continuous Tense


Using will have been – Future Perfect Continuous Tense in Affirmative sentences

      Sub.+ will have been  + v +ing 

1. I will have been bringing.

2. I will have been singing.

3. You will have been neglecting.

4. You will have been co-operating.

5. They will have been enjoying.

6. They will have been handling.

7. You will have been advising.

8. Vedant and Janhavi will have been donating.

9. Prashant and Sonali will have been consulting.

10. You will have been maintaining.

11. We will have been trying.

12.She will have been selecting.

13.Janhavi will have been repeating.

14.He will have been operating.

15.Vedant will have been inviting.

16.It will have been crying.

17.Ganesh will have been replying.

18.He will have been submitting.

19.Sonali will have been demanding .

20.She will have been working.


Using will have been – Future Perfect Continuous Tense in Negative sentences

       Subject + won’t have been + v + ing

1. I won’t have been bringing.

2. I won’t have been singing.

3. You won’t have been neglecting.

4. You won’t have been co-operating.

5. They won’t have been enjoying.

6. They won’t have been handling.

7. You won’t have been advising.

8. Vedant and Janhavi won’t have been donating.

9. Prashant and Sonali won’t have been consulting.

10. You won’t have been maintaining

11.  We won’t have been trying.

12. She won’t have been advertising.

13.Janhavi won’t have been directing.

14.He won’t have been replying.

15.Vedant won’t have been announcing.

16.It won’t have been coming.

17.Lion won’t have been roaring.

18.Ganesh won’t have been concentrating.

19.He won’t have been co-operating.

20.Sonali won’t have been discussing.

21.She won’t have been submitting.


Using will have been – Future Perfect Continuous Tense in Interrogative sentences

    Will have / Won’t have  + subject + been + V+ing

1. Will have I been taking ?

2. Will have I been discussing ?

3. Will have you been operating ?

4. Won’t have you been studying ?

5. Won’t have they been joining?

6. Won’t have he been promising ?

7. Won’t have you been submitting ?

8. Won’t have Vedant and Janhavi been inviting ?

9. Will have Prashant and Sonali been replying ?

10.Will have You been demanding ?

11.Will have we been announcing ?

12.Will have she been advertising?

13.Will have Janhavi  been directing?

14.Will have he been replying ?

15.Will have Vedant been announcing ?

16.Won’t have  been coming ?

17.Won’t have lion been roaring ?

18.Will have Ganesh been concentrating ?

19.Hadn’t he been co-operating ?

20.Will have Sonali been discussing ?

21.Won’t have she been submitting ?