“Why” Questions

Why" Questions

Friends, we often ask the question ‘why?’ about many things. For that, you have to make interrogative sentences using the interrogative word “why?” in English. Some such question suggestive sentences are given below. This list cannot end here. By adding to this, we can create more interrogative sentences i.e. questions in a similar manner…

      मित्रांनो आपल्यालाका?” हा प्रश्न अनेक गोष्टींबाबत अनेक वेळा पडतो. त्यासाठी इंग्रजीमध्येWhy” हा प्रश्नसूचक शब्द वापरून प्रश्न सूचक वाक्य बनवावी लागतात. अशीच काही प्रश्न सुचक वाक्य पुढे दिलेली आहेत. ही यादी येथे संपू शकत नाही. यात भर घालून अशाच पद्धतीची आणखी प्रश्न सूचक वाक्य अर्थात प्रश्न आपल्याला तयार करता येतील

Why" Questions

“Wh” Questions



1.Why don’t you plan a visit to my school?

2.Why do you look so happy?

3.Why are you upset?

4. Why did you not come yesterday?

5.Why have they built pandal there?

6.Why have they not done there work?

7.Why is Janhavi looking at you?

8.Why can Vedant not travel by train?

9.Why does he always quite?

10.Why would you like to help others?

11.Why didn’t he dare to accept her?

12.Why don’t you invite your old friends?

13.Why is there so much crowd?

14.Why can’t you all maintain this building?

15.Why should Sonali neglect them?

16.Why shouldn’t you decide your future plans?

17.Why is Gita going to change her decision?

18.Why should Prashant have selected?

19.Why shouldn’t he protect?

20.Why can you compromise?

21.Why may Rahul provide food material?

22.Why couldn’t you continue your education?

23.Why could you announce next meeting?

24.Why won’t he be waiting?

25.Why was he keeping desi cows?