Use Of Am Is Are-1

  या सदरामध्ये आपण am,is व are चा वापर साह्यकारी क्रियापद म्हणून कसा करावा हे पाहणार आहोत…

 वर्तमान काळात बोलत असताना चालू किंवा घडत असणारी क्रिया सांगण्यासाठी मुख्य क्रियापदाला ing देऊन त्याच्या अगोदर सहाय्यक क्रियापद Auxiliary म्हणून am, is व are यांचा वापर करावा लागतो.

       अशा प्रकारची रचना Present continuous tense म्हणजेच चालू वर्तमान काळामध्ये वापरावी लागते.

“is / are / am” are called “helping verbs”. As the name suggests, they are verbs that help convey the tense and meaning of a sentence.



Where to use “is / are / am”

     1.Use Of Am Is Are In Affirmative sentences

      होकारार्थी  वाक्य 

Subject + am/is/are + main verb+ing

eg. ask +ing = asking

I am running. 

You are inquiring.

Janhavi and Vedant are explaining.

We are drawing.

They are disturbing.

It is identifying.

Horse is running.

He is choosing.

Vedant is enjoying.

She is demanding.

Janhavi is thinking.


  2.Use Of Am Is Are In Negative sentences

 नकारार्थी वाक्य

नकारार्थी वाक्य मध्ये am, is, are सोबत not हा नकारार्थी शब्द वापरावा लागतो.

  Subject + am not/isn’t/aren’t + main verb+ing...

I am not running.

You aren’t inquiring.

Janhavi and Vedant aren’t explaining.

We aren’t drawing.

They aren’t disturbing.

It isn’t identifying.

Horse isn’t running.

He isn’t choosing.

Vedant isn’t enjoying.

She isn’t demanding.

Janhavi isn’t think


    प्रश्नार्थक वाक्य 

     3.Use Of Am Is Are In Interrogative Sentences (Question)

     Am / Is / Are (not) +subject + main verb + ing 

Am I running.

 Are you inquiring.

 Aren’t Janhavi and Vedant  explaining.

Are we drawing.

Are they disturbing.

 Isn’t it identifying.

 Is horse running.

 Is he choosing.

Is Vedant  enjoying.

Isn’t she demanding.

Is Janhavi thinking.


Let’s Practice: Use Of “Am, Is, Are”

am, is, are, Worksheet

Use appropriate Helping verb or main verb and complete the sentences.

 1. They are ……. .

2. …… They answering ?

3. Ganesh … inviting.

4. …’t Sandeep managing ?

5. It is ….. .

6. Dog … watching.

7. I …. driving.

8. Am I ……. ?

9. You …… finishing .

10. Aren’t you …… ?

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