Learn How to Use “could” as an Auxiliary Verb ||  “could” चा  सहाय्यक क्रियापद म्हणून मुख्य क्रियापदाच्या मुळ रुपासोबत ( V1) वापर   


In this lesson we will learn how to use could as an auxiliary verb with the root form (V1) of the main verb.

We are also going to use a suitable formula for that so that it will be easy to understand.

This construct is used to indicate whether a person performing an action was physically, mentally, or legally able to do it in the past.

use could as an auxiliary verb

या सदरामध्ये आपण could चा वापर सहाय्यक क्रियापद म्हणून मुख्य क्रियापदाच्या मुळ रुपासोबत ( V1) कसा करावा याविषयी इत्यंभूत माहिती घेणार आहोत.

त्यासाठी योग्य अशा सूत्राचा सुद्धा वापर करणार आहोत म्हणजे समजायला सोपे जाईल.

एखादी क्रिया करताना कार्य करणाऱ्या व्यक्तीला ती भूतकाळात शारीरिक मानसिक किंवा कायदेशीरपणे  करणे शक्य होते किंवा नाही हे दर्शवण्यासाठी या रचनेचा वापर करतात.

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होकारार्थी वाक्य

Learn how to use could as an auxiliary verb in

Affirmative Sentences

Subject + could  + main verb (v1).

I could break.

I could clean.

I could compromise.

I could sing.

I could learn.

We could pay.

We could suggest.

We could accept.

We could excuse.

We could donate.

You could build.

You could make.

You could maintain.

You could protect.

You could submit.

He could continue.

He could enquire.

Vedant could play.

She could continue.

Janhavi could discuss.

She could combine.

It could jump.

The dog could run.

They could provide.

They could co-operate.

They could appoint.

Janhavi and Vedant could dance.

Prashant and Ashwini could teach.


नकारार्थी वाक्य  

Learn how to use could as an auxiliary verb in

Negative Sentences

Subject + could not + main verb (v1).

I couldn’t break.

I couldn’t clean.

I couldn’t compromise.

I couldn’t sing.

I couldn’t learn.

We couldn’t pay.

We couldn’t suggest.

We couldn’t accept.

We couldn’t excuse.

We couldn’t donate.

You couldn’t build.

You couldn’t make.

You couldn’t maintain.

You couldn’t protect.

You couldn’t submit.

He couldn’t continue.

He couldn’t enquire.

Vedant couldn’t play.

She couldn’t continue.

Janhavi couldn’t discuss.

She couldn’t combine.

It couldn’t jump.

The dog couldn’t run.

They couldn’t provide.

They couldn’t co-operate.

They couldn’t appoint.

Janhavi and Vedant couldn’t dance.

Prashant and Ashwini couldn’t teach.


प्रश्नार्थक वाक्य

Learn how to  in

Interrogative Sentences 

Could + subject + v 1?

Couldn’t+ subject + v 1?

Could I break?

Could I clean?

Could I compromise?

Couldn’t I sing?

Couldn’t I learn?

Could we pay?

Could we suggest?

Could we accept?

Couldn’t we excuse?

Could we donate?

Could you build?

Could you make?

Could you maintain?

Couldn’t you protect?

Couldn’t you submit?

Could he continue?

Could he enquire?

Could Vedant play?

Couldn’t she continue?

Couldn’t Janhavi discuss?

Could she combine?

Could it jump?

Couldn’t the dog run?

Could they provide?

Couldn’t they co-operate?

Could they appoint?

Could Janhavi and Vedant dance?

Couldn’t Prashant and Ashwini teach?



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