Learn how to use “could have” as an auxiliary verb

           In today’s lesson, we will learn how to use could have as an auxiliary verb. Could have is used to show that the subject could have done an action in the past but did not do it.

आजच्या सदरामध्ये आपण could have चा वापर सहाय्यकारी क्रियापद म्हणून कसा करावा याविषयी माहिती घेणार आहोत.

क्रिया करणाऱ्या व्यक्तीला एखादी क्रिया भूतकाळामध्ये करणे शक्य होते परंतु त्याने ती केली नाही हे दाखवण्यासाठी अशा पद्धतीने could have चा वापर करावा लागतो.

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 Learn how to use could have as an auxiliary verb in Affirmative sentences

  Sub.+ could have + v3.

  V3= क्रियापदाचे तिसरे रूप (past participle)

1. I could have bought.

2. I could have taken.

3. You could have cancelled.

4. You could have learnt.

5. They could have  announced.

6. They could have mistaken.

7. You could have handled.

8. Vedant and Janhavi could have compromised.

9. Prashant and Sonali could have donated.

10. You could have demanded.

11.She could have advertised.

12.Janhavi could have directed.

13.He could have replied.

14.Vedant could have announced.

15.It could have come.

16.Lion could have roared.

17.Ganesh could have concentrated.

18.He could have co-operated.

19.Sonali could have discussed.

20.She could have submitted.


Learn how to use could have as an auxiliary verb in Negative sentences

 Subject + couldn’t have + past participle.

1. I couldn’t have bought.

2. I couldn’t have taken.

3. You couldn’t have cancelled.

4. You couldn’t have learnt.

5. They couldn’t have announced.

6. They couldn’t have mistaken.

7. You couldn’t have handled.

8. Vedant and Janhavi couldn’t have compromised.

9. Prashant and Sonali couldn’t have donated.

10. You couldn’t have demanded.

11.She couldn’t have advertised.

12.Janhavi couldn’t have directed.

13.He couldn’t have replied.

14.Vedant couldn’t have announced.

15.It couldn’t have come.

16.Lion couldn’t have roared.

17.Ganesh couldn’t have concentrated.

18.He couldn’t have co-operated.

19.Sonali couldn’t have discussed.

20.She couldn’t have submitted.


Learn how to use could have as an auxiliary verb in Interrogative sentences

 Could / Couldn’t  + subject + have + p.p.(v3)? 

1. Could I have bought ?

2. Could I have taken ?

3. Could  you have cancelled ?

4. Couldn’t you have learnt ?

5. Could they have announced ?

6. Couldn’t they have mistaken ?

7. Could you have handled ?

8. Couldn’t Vedant and Janhavi have compromised ?

9. Could Prashant and Sonali have donated ?

10. Could you have demanded ?

11. Could she have advertised ?

12. Could Janhavi have directed ?

13. Could he have replied ?

14. Could  Vedant  have announced ?

15. Could it have come ?

16. Couldn’t lion have roared ?

17. Could Ganesh have concentrated ?

18. Couldn’t he have co-operated ?

19. Could Sonali have discussed ?

20. Could she have submitted ?


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