Using Had as helping verb with V3 in Past Perfect Tense/ Had चा वापर पूर्ण भूतकाळ

Using had

   In this article we’re going to know how to use “Hadas a helping verb (auxiliary)  in past continuous tense with the help of some sentences.

आजच्या सदरामध्ये आपण Had चा वापर सहाय्यकारी क्रियापद म्हणून कसा करावा याविषयी माहिती घेणार आहोत.

क्रिया भूतकाळामध्ये पूर्ण झालेली होती हे दाखवण्यासाठी अशा पद्धतीने had चा वापर करावा लागतो.

अश्या रचनेला व्याकरणात पूर्ण भूतकाळ (Past Perfect Tense) म्हणतात .

कर्ता जर एकवचनी व अनेकवचनी ——- had चा वापर होतो..

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Using Had as helping verb with V3 in Affirmative sentences

  Sub.+ had + v3.

V3= क्रियापदाचे तिसरे रूप (past participle)

1. I had bought.

2. I had taken.

3. You had cancelled.

4. You had learnt.

5. They had  announced.

6. They had mistaken.

7. You had handled.

8. Vedant and Janhavi had  compromised.

9. Prashant and Sonali had donated.

10. You had demanded.

11.She had advertised.

12.Janhavi had directed.

13.He had replied.

14.Vedant had announced.

15.It had come.

16.Lion had roared.

17.Ganesh had concentrated.

18.He had co-operated.

19.Sonali had discussed.

20.She had submitted.


Using Had as helping verb with V3 in Negative sentences

Subject + hadn’t + past participle.

1. I hadn’t bought.

2. I hadn’t taken.

3. You hadn’t cancelled.

4. You hadn’t learnt.

5. They hadn’t announced.

6. They hadn’t mistaken.

7. You hadn’t handled.

8. Vedant and Janhavi hadn’t compromised.

9. Prashant and Sonali hadn’t donated.

10. You hadn’t demanded.

11.She hadn’t advertised.

12.Janhavi hadn’t directed.

13.He hadn’t replied.

14.Vedant hadn’t announced.

15.It hadn’t come.

16.Lion hadn’t roared.

17.Ganesh hadn’t concentrated.

18.He hadn’t co-operated.

19.Sonali hadn’t discussed.

20.She hadn’t submitted.


Using Had as helping verb with V3 in Interrogative sentences

  Hadn’t + subject + p.p.(v3)? 

1. Had I bought ?

2. Had I taken ?

3. Had  you cancelled ?

4. Hadn’t you learnt ?

5. Had they announced ?

6. Hadn’t they mistaken ?

7. Had you handled ?

8. Hadn’t Vedant and Janhavi compromised ?

9. Had Prashant and Sonali donated ?

10. Had you demanded ?

Had she advertised ?

Had Janhavi directed ?

Had he replied ?

Had  Vedant  announced ?

Had it come ?

Hadn’t lion roared ?

Had Ganesh concentrated ?

Hadn’t he co-operated ?

Had Sonali  discussed ?

Hadn’t she submitted ?